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Tailored one-on-one
online vocal training

Train your voice with me and find out what your voice can do.

30 minute introductory session (Free)

Join me for a 30 minute lesson where we'll check out where you're at with your voice and where I'll show you exercises that will help you to reach your singing goals.


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You'll need:

  • Stable internet connection
  • A laptop/PC/tablet/phone
  • Your voice

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    90min Breakthrough Session

    We assess your current singing habits and develop your personal roadmap to break through the barriers holding you back to achieve your singing goals.

    You will get:

  • Clarity on what singing habits are holding you back right now
  • A deeper understanding of your voice
  • Tailored vocal exercises that help your voice specifically
  • Practical tools that help you to sing the songs you love
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    Things You Should Know

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In vocal coaching I’m guiding you to discover important aspects of your voice, develop greater freedom, flexibility, power, range and much more. All tailored to your individual goals and needs.

    After you schedule a lesson with me we’ll meet online through Zoom or Skype. You can use a laptop, PC, tablet or phone. Having a second device for playback purposes is advised. Apart from that and a stable internet connection you’ll only need your voice! 🙂

    That really depends on where you are right now with your voice and where you want to go. How long it takes to develop your voice depends on too many factors to give a definitive answer to that question. You will make progress and have some Aha-moments starting with the first session, that much I can say from experience.

    If you would like to improve your voice and have fun while learning, then yes! This might just be the right thing for you. If you’re unsure just get a free 30min Introductory Session and you’ll figure it out by experiencing it for yourself. No risk – much fun!

    I have more than 10 years of vocal coaching experience and a deep passion for helping people to discover and improve their voice. You’ll get a deeper undestanding of your voice, discover more freedom and power and you’ll have a great time while you learn.