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Meet your coach: Gideon Clark

Singer – Vocal coach – Voice nerd – Actor – Skateboarder – Likes to cook currys and design furniture

That picture with the purple lights, that’s me, performing my own songs with my band Solid Sky on stage in front of a live audience. 

But how did a guy in engineering school, who never learned a musical instrument as a child end up on stage and become a professional singer and vocal coach?

I discovered music relatively late, compared to most people who become pros later on. I started to play guitar at 16 and when I was 19 I wanted to learn how to sing. But, the problem was…

I sucked at singing! I couldn’t hit a note above Bb3 without flipping into head voice. This was what triggered my fascination with vocal technique. “It has to be possible to learn this!” “Why can’t I hit those notes?” It was frustrating. But it lit a fire in me!

What followed were years of studying different singing methods, diving into books, attending workshops, learning from both fantastic and not-so-great teachers and studying for seven years at the Vienna Music Institute, graduating in composition and vocal pedagogy of jazz and popular music.

During my studies I started to teach what I had learned to my first students and so my love for teaching developed. It felt amazing to get notes out of my students, they never believed possible and to free them from the frustration they experienced before.

My own musical journey lead me to performing with different bands, ranging from my 6-piece accapella group to occasional jazz gigs and performances with my progressive rock band. Writing and recording my own CD in 2019 was one of my artistic highlights so far and an experience that made me grow beyond my wildest dreams.

To this day I continue to extend my repertoir of vocal techniques and methods reaching from classical to modern methodologies, from scientific approaches to trusting my gut. My approach is informed by more than 13 years of teaching experience and 100+ students. Thank you all! <3

In my book, everyone’s voice is unique, and I truly believe that EVERYONE can learn to sing. Lifelong learning is not just a concept, it’s a source of joy. I take pride in making vocal technique exciting and accessible no matter where you start.

As a vocal coach, my mission is to empower you to uncover the beauty and power of your voice and to develop the confidence to express yourself. 

I’m looking forward to guiding you on this journey!

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