Here's what my students say

Oliver H.

I have been taking Vocal Lessons with Gideon for 1 year now and I noticed continous and strong progress in my singing in that time.

I was not able to sing higher notes without pushing my voice but Gideon’s ‚toolbox‘ enabled me to utilize easy techniques that help me getting there.

Also the lessons are a lot of fun and offer a huge variety of different exercises 🙂

Bea G.

„The music lessons with Gideon are very practical, so that what has been learned can be applied and implemented immediately

I always have AHA moments that help me move forward. Even for me, who didn’t grow up with music, he manages to explain things in such a way that I can understand and implement them.

My style is rock/pop, and my wishes are also taken into account: working on a song that I have heard and would like to sing, exercises for air flow and the vocal cords, but also learning notes and getting an understanding of music, its laws and terms are all part of it. This brings variety and makes me curious for more.

The music lesson is always characterized by happiness and joy, and contains theoretical information as well as practical exercises. I tried out a few music teachers and stayed here because he believes in me,
I’m encouraged and challenged while the personal and friendly touch remains. „

Pia U.

Gideon is an amazing and very open-minded teacher. I’ve been taking lessons for a year now and I am very satisfied with my personal development and growth in terms of singing.

I’ve been able to discover my true vocal range and that I can hit high notes, while still being able to use my signature tone that I need for my Post-Industrial project.

A lot of teachers have their one way of doing things, but Gideon is very open-minded and always finds new solutions tailored to your needs, whether you are a newbie or have been singing for years.

Evelyne F.

Gideon is a great teacher!

He tailors each lesson to the individual level, questions and problem areas of the student. 

I have been taking lessons with Gideon for about 1,5 years now and have improved a lot – not only my singing, but also as an instrumentalist (I’m a bassist), songwriter and I’ve improved my overall confidence as a musician and performer as well.

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