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The straightforward method taking you from uncertainty to a powerful and reliable voice (without losing focus or motivation)
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Get your personalized action-plan showing you how you can develop the voice you always wanted. (No-risk money back guarantee)

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Your voice
3 months from now

These are your guaranteed results after completing my 3-month vocal coaching program.

Expanded Vocal Range

You will witness a measurable expansion in your vocal range, reaching notes you hadn't thought possible

tuning fork_

Enhanced Pitch Accuracy

You will achieve a much improved singing pitch, ensuring you're consistently in tune

Control (Fader)_g_edit_rounded

Better Vocal Control

You will attain greater control over your voice, allowing you to navigate even more complex music with ease

Increased Confidence

You will experience a boost in confidence as you overcome your physical and mental challenges


Improved Vocal Tone

You will learn how to shape the sound of your voice to your liking and develop the vocal tone you always wanted


Vocal Power

You will sing with increased vocal presence and be able to access power whenever a song demands it

why you will achieve these results

Focus on
what you need

Stop wasting your time doing things you don’t need. As my student you’ll be able to focus on the most effective exercises your voice needs right now resulting in faster progress.

After just one lesson, I noticed that I could access my voice in a completely different way, reaching heights I hadn’t thought possible before.
I never thought online singing lessons could be that effective!


Astrid B.

After a few lessons, I can sing better, longer, and with relaxed joy in the choir and vocal ensemble, tackling technically challenging passages more confidently.


Frank S.

Stay on track

One of the biggest reasons why people fail to improve their voice is because they struggle to stay consistent. My accountability system makes it easy to stay motivated and lets you achieve real results in a short time.

Gideon helped me gain confidence, reach notes that were previously unreachable, and learn techniques to control my voice more effectively.

Markus S.

Markus S.

Not only does he deliver vocal coaching, but he also helps with finding accountability strategies for practicing singing.


Anissa F.

After just a few lessons, I felt more confident when singing and my vocal technique had improved.

Magdalena G.

Magdalena G.

the journey

Discover the joy of learning in a fun and and effective environment where you can be yourself. My students tell me they eagerly anticipate each lesson and enjoy my genuine (and slightly crazy) persona and way of teaching.

When I started taking lessons with Gideon I had so little control over my voice that I couldn’t even sing along to songs on the radio.
Now – 2 years later – 
I sing in a band and have even recorded a song. Despite the online format, the quality is excellent, and I am making incredible progress.
Above all, Gideon addresses every problem, never loses patience, and has supported me musically and emotionally through all the highs and lows. He encourages, and constantly pushes me, with joy and humor, creating a relaxed atmosphere.
I never thought me and my voice would come so far. Thank you very much.


Bea G.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You don't know where to start?

In your vocal breakthrough session we will assess your voice and design an action plan. From there on, all you have to do is follow my guidance

You find it difficult to maintain your focus and motivation

If you have been struggling to make progress, my built-in accountability system makes consistent progress and growth easy. This really is a gamechanger

You don't like the sound of your voice

The voice is the most flexible instrument when it comes to sound. You will learn how to shape your vocal tone and learn to love your voice.

You find it hard to sing in front of other people

Working in a safe environment where “failing” is allowed, you’ll learn to let go and trust your voice more and more.

You're off pitch and don't know how to fix it

Hitting the right notes can be a challenge, but it is easier than most people think. Once we have balanced out your voice, hitting the right pitches will be easy and come naturally.

You struggle with your vocal range

We will expand your vocal range with personalized exercises and techniques tailored to your unique challenges and needs.

You lack confidence in your voice

This is about to change! Following my program you will gain greater control and stretch your abilities and mindset at the same time. Everyone of my students has achieved greater confidence through that process.

Why most people fail to improve their voice

Here's how it works


You’ll find out where you stand. Based on that we’ll identify the most important things to work on and create an action plan (Your vocal breathrough session)

Understanding your voice

Knowledge is power. Learning how your voice works will empower you to change what’s not working and build upon what you already have.

Removing the barriers

We will tackle your problem areas with tailored exercises getting rid of strain or weaknesses, resulting in a free and healthy voice

Range extension

You will learn how you can access the areas of your voice that might seem unattainable at the moment. You’ll be able to hit high notes without flipping or straining and low notes with more presence.

Balancing your voice

You’ll learn how to balance airflow, vocal fold coordination and resonance to achieve an effortless sounding voice that stays in tune and sounds amazing.

Mastering your favorite songs

We will not just do exercises! You will learn to sing the songs you love. My proven methods will allow you to master even the difficult passages.

Style & creativity

You’ll learn to shape your voice to your liking and develop your own style, embracing your unique voice and musical preferences.

Bonus: If you’re interested I’ll teach you how to write your own songs.

Confidence to perform

At this point your confidence will have grown immensely and you will be able to sing infront of others, be it your family and friends, random strangers in a Karaoke bar or a even crowd watching you perform on stage.

Does this sound like a journey worth taking?

What's included in the program

  • 4x30min vocal coaching sessions / month

    In our private vocal coaching sessions we will address your personal challenges and work through them together. Bringing you one step closer to your goals each session.

  • Customized practice tracks

    Practice becomes easy when you have the right material to work with. My customized tracks are effective and fun to work with.

  • Video recording of each lesson

    You'll get a recording of every training session, that you can use to review and practice along with.

  • Written summary of each lesson

    On top of the recording you'll get access to a transcript and summary of each lesson. This makes it easy to get every bit of value out of our training sessions.

  • Accountability and progress tracking

    Progress tracking and my accountability system will keep you motivated and on track so you can make amazing improvements in a short time.

  • Direct message support

    Get feedback and answers to your questions in between sessions ensuring progress.

Meet your coach: Gideon Clark

Singer – Vocal coach – Voice nerd – Actor – Skateboarder – Likes to cook currys and design furniture

That picture with the purple lights, that’s me, performing my own songs with my band Solid Sky on stage in front of a live audience. 

But how did a guy in engineering school, who never learned a musical instrument as a child end up on stage and become a professional singer and vocal coach?

I discovered music relatively late, compared to most people who become pros later on. I started to play guitar at 16 and when I was 19 I wanted to learn how to sing. But, the problem was…

I sucked at singing! I couldn’t hit a note above Bb3 without flipping into head voice. This was what triggered my fascination with vocal technique. “It has to be possible to learn this!” “Why can’t I hit those notes?” It was frustrating. But it lit a fire in me!

What followed were years of studying different singing methods, diving into books, attending workshops, learning from both fantastic and not-so-great teachers and studying for seven years at the Vienna Music Institute, graduating in composition and vocal pedagogy of jazz and popular music.

During my studies I started to teach what I had learned to my first students and so my love for teaching developed. It felt amazing to get notes out of my students, they never believed possible and to free them from the frustration they experienced before.

My own musical journey lead me to performing with different bands, ranging from my 6-piece accapella group to occasional jazz gigs and performances with my progressive rock band. Writing and recording my own CD in 2019 was one of my artistic highlights so far and an experience that made me grow beyond my wildest dreams.

To this day I continue to extend my repertoir of vocal techniques and methods reaching from classical to modern methodologies, from scientific approaches to trusting my gut. My approach is informed by more than 13 years of teaching experience and 100+ students. Thank you all! <3

In my book, everyone’s voice is unique, and I truly believe that EVERYONE can learn to sing. Lifelong learning is not just a concept, it’s a source of joy. I take pride in making vocal technique exciting and accessible no matter where you start.

As a vocal coach, my mission is to empower you to uncover the beauty and power of your voice and to develop the confidence to express yourself. 

I’m looking forward to guiding you on this journey!

What my students say

Clemens BinderClemens Binder
20:43 02 Dec 23
I am an enthusiastic choir singer and wanted to improve my voice, especially to gain more confidence and power in the high notes. I became aware of Gideon through a recommendation from a friend. He is a very friendly and competent singing teacher who I can only recommend!Since I don't live near the city and unfortunately I don't have much time left (work, family), we decided on online singing lessons. These more than exceeded my expectations: flexible appointment system, a nice and experienced, extremely motivating and humorous coach who helped me enormously with many helpful exercises, practical tips and suggestions for improvement, both with pop/rock songs and with classical choral literature. I would particularly like to highlight the exercises for singing in (chest and head voice as well as mixed voice), which are now also available as practice tracks and which have helped me a lot to expand my range and feel more confident in my vocal range.Great praise!
Karin BezoldKarin Bezold
12:52 12 Nov 23
There is a world of difference between my vocal abilities in the first singing lesson and now. Gideon always notices immediately where things are stuck and picks me up right there. With his broad knowledge, his experience peppered with a pinch of humor and a high degree of empathy, he always hits the “black mark” or rather the right tone. He elicited sounds from me that I didn't know I could produce. He is a class coach.
Klemens KunzKlemens Kunz
09:11 14 Feb 23
Great vocal coach! During my trial lesson I learned a lot about my voice and achieved tones that I didn't think were even possible. Gideon responded wonderfully to me, to the genres I wanted to sing and to my vocal role models. 100% recommendation!
Corrosive CandyCorrosive Candy
12:57 15 Sep 22
I've been taking online singing lessons with Gideon for a year now and I'm absolutely thrilled! Gideon responds very individually to the concerns of his students and is very open and unbiased. Thanks to the singing lessons, I have now been able to discover my true range and manage to sing high notes without losing the recognition value of my voice, which is essential for my post-industrial project.
Astrid BraunAstrid Braun
09:06 20 Apr 22
I really enjoy singing lessons with Gideon. After just an hour, I noticed that I could access my voice in a completely different way and reach heights that I hadn't previously thought possible. He never loses patience, even if he has to repeat something for the 20th time and I actually already know what clue is coming... Great tips, lots of humor, high flexibility in lesson times, no travel, direct response to my voice, mine needs, what I want to learn. I never thought that singing lessons online could be so effective! Thanks!

Would you like to get results like these?

Your vocal breakthrough session

Should you book a Vocal Breakthrough Session?

Yes, if…

…you want to know exactly what is holding you back from achieving a free and powerful voice.

…you want to receive a personalized action-plan showing you what steps to take to reach your goals.

…you want to learn the no.1 exercise your voice needs right now.

…you want to have a transformational experience, where you will break through barriers and discover areas of your voice previously unattainable.


No, if…

…you are looking for a quick fix and don’t want to make lasting change.

…you would rather jump from one thing to the next, not commiting to anything.

…you want to continue getting stuck at the same problems, never reaching your potential.


Your personal vocal breakthrough session costs 200$, lasts 50 minutes and is backed by my no questions asked money-back guarantee

If you are not 100% amazed by the results we achieve within this session, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.*

*This does not apply if you don’t show up or cancel on short notice (<24h before the start of the session). You may reschedule your session up to 24h beforehand, that’s totally fine! 🙂

Pick a date and time for your Vocal Breakthrough Session

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A look behind the scenes

Here I’m working on high range vocal techniques with my student Samuel from Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced singer, my coaching is personalized to your skill level. I provide a supportive and adaptive environment to help you build a strong foundation or enhance your existing skills.

My coaching approach is highly personalized and based on the unique combination of techniques that have helped me and my students attain incredible results. On top of that will hold you accountable so you will achieve your goals with certainty.

All you need is a stable internet connection, a device with a camera and microphone (the built-in mic is usually good enough), and a quiet space. We use Zoom for our virtual sessions.

Absolutely! Online coaching offers flexibility without compromising effectiveness. I provide interactive and personalized sessions, allowing you to learn and improve from the comfort of your own space. On top of that you get a recording of every session that makes progressing even more convenient.

The pace of improvement varies, but many students notice positive changes within a few sessions. Consistent practice, personalized guidance, and a focus on your goals contribute to steady progress in expanding your vocal abilities.

My own musical taste is very diverse and I am open to working with you on any style you like. Whether you’re into pop, rock, hip hop, metal or any other genre, I tailor my coaching to match your preferences. 

Vocal health is a top priority. I incorporate techniques to promote proper vocal care, including warm-ups, cool-downs, and exercises to strengthen your vocal muscles. We’ll work together to ensure your progress is sustainable and free from strain.

I have a lot of experience as a songwriter. I wrote, recorded and published my own CD with my band Solid Sky in 2019. I even studied composition pedagogy. We can integrate these elements into your lessons if you want.

Building confidence is a gradual process. I create a supportive and encouraging environment where you can feel safe to explore and express yourself. We work on techniques that will give you greater vocal control and I’ll help you overcome any mental barriers that may be in the way.

Are you ready for the next step?

Not ready yet?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the green message button or send me an email: