Develop vocal confidence

Gain a deeper understanding and control over your voice. This is the key to vocal confidence. 

With the right exercises and training you can achieve greater control, expand your range, improve your sound and intonation.

I’ve been helping my students to discover and unlock their voices for more than 10 years.


I'm Gideon Clark

Vocal Coach with a passion for helping people to find their voice

I was not a natural singer. I was actually pretty bad at singing when I took my first voice lesson at age 18. I couldn’t sing above middle C without straining or pushing.

Overcoming my own vocal struggles, learning from my mistakes, being curious about the voice and teaching hundrets of students over more than 10 years has equipped me with a lot of tools and techniques that I am more than happy to share with you!

If you would like to overcome your physical and mental barriers, I’d be more than happy to help you on this journey to own your voice and develop vocal confidence.

My Programs

My Vocal Coaching Programs

If you would like to take your voice to the next level check out my coaching programs.

Why Work With Me

Over 10 Years Of Experience

Benefit from my experience as a singer, songwriter and vocal coach.

It's a lot of Fun

My way of coaching is unconventional but effective. I believe you can learn much better if you are allowed to open up and have fun while you learn.

Individual Approach

I treat every student with respect and tailor my teaching to your needs and not run some kind of standard program like many other teachers do. It's about YOU!

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